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Overpopulation in Africa

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Why has Overpopulation become such a large problem today?

Because overpopulation is the combination of having, too many people, and too little food, countries with people that cannot afford as much food are in more danger. Since these people cannot get good jobs, many of them become prostitutes, and have many children by accident.

The world’s population increases by 1.6 % per year, and that number is continually growing. However, in the poorer area of Sub-Saharan Africa, the population is increasing by a staggering 2.8 % a year.

Countries in these poorer areas cannot produce enough food for their own population. This is called a food deficit. In regular circumstances, these countries could import food from another nation, but they are too poor to do so.

Overpopulation has many effects on the environment, the economy, and politics, and is expected to be “the plague of the 21st century.” People need land to live on, and for every 1 million people added to the Earth’s population, 40 000 ha of land are needed for non-agricultural uses. Population growth has also induced a steady shrinkage of grainland per person over the years.

Overpopulation is a problem that keeps getting bigger and more serious. It has to be approached with more caution, or there will not be any hope left for the future of the Earth

Where in the world is overpopulation occuring?

  Overpopulation is occurring all over the world.  The world’s human population is growing by more than 75 million people per year.  This may seem like a lot, but this is down from the record high of 88 million people per year during the late 1980’s.  Overpopulation is happening particularly high, however, in the developing countries such as South Asia and sub–Saharan Africa.  In fact, Africa is the second most populated region on Earth.  While population growth is a problem everywhere, in the developed world, where people are most able to deal with it, the birth rate is the lowest.  In the developing world, where people cannot deal with their population as it is, the birth rates are the highest.

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